Organizing comittee

The CAAD Futures conference reflects on design methodology and discusses the latest innovations in CAD technology. Most importantly, CAAD Futures is concerned with both the actual technology and the complexities of its use and adaptation in the very human practice of design. The general objectives of the Conference are to provide a forum for presentation of the latest advances in the theory of design and computation; in the reception and transformative effects of computation in design practice, in the technology, instrumentation and media linked to architecture, design, building performance and fabrication; and in design teaching and communication strategies.

The theme of “Joining languages, cultures and visions”, the Conference will add two new aspects to the already established topics of discussion: it will be multidisciplinary and bilingual. The first one is inspired and conditioned by the hosting institution: the Faculté de l’aménagement which is unique in its multidisciplinary character. It unifies disciplines such as Industrial Design, Interior Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, thus promoting exchange and cooperation between them. It provides researchers and students with an environment that is steeped in both humanist and technological modes of inquiry: the CAD Research Group (GRCAO), the Advance Modeling and Rapid Prototyping Lab (Formlab), etc.

The bilingual character of the Conference will be supported by multicultural Montreal and French-speaking Quebec in a mostly English speaking Canadian context. We intend to address the repeatedly expressed opinion that there is an abyss of unawareness between the Anglophone and Francophone scholars in the domain. We will have both English and French as official languages of the Conference. Providing a professional simultaneous translation during the sessions will provide rich grounds for exchange and confrontation of ideas.

Conference Chair:

Temy Tidafi, Ph.D.
(Université de Montréal, Montreal)

Conference Co-Chairs:
Tomás Dorta, Ph.D.
(Université de Montréal, Montreal)
Rob Woodbury, Ph.D.
(Simon Fraser University, Vancouver)

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Local Organizing committee:
Nathalie Charbonneau
Nada El-Khoury
Manon Guité
Ivanka Iordanova
Annemarie Lesage
Edgar Perez
Souha Tahrani
Mithra Zahedi

Have contributed for the web-site:
Sylvain Allard, B.Sc.A.
Simon Doucet